CHUTY‘S® is the first networked and as of 2019 also franchised Thai street food concept in Slovenia. Since opening our first location in 2013, we have established CHUTY‘S as top choice for fresh, tasty and healthy Asian gourmet as well as street food meal.


We have 5 locations to date, in Slovenia (in the capital Ljubljana and second biggest city Maribor). We have tested our model in a variety of locations. Now we are taking CHUTY‘S story one step further. We are happy to announce that we are launching CHUTY‘S food truck soon.

Shopping mall
High street
High street
Market place
Market place
Food truck
Food truck
(coming soon)

We have developed 3 concepts of CHUTY‘S:


(High Street Food concept)

Take away
Take Away

(Street Food – but no place to sit down)


Street food
Street Food

(OUTDOORS Street Food concept: in OPEN MARKETS, with a gourmet kiosk, where guests can sit down and enjoy their meal – or take it away)

(INDOORS Street Food (in a shopping mall) – more LIKE FOOD CORNER, where guest can sit down (often also in a garden; a kind of fusion concept)

They all feature open kitchen,
where food is prepared in front of the guest.

 This adds extra appeal and guarantees freshness and quality. What sets CHUTY‘S apart from other Asian restaurants is that we make all of our sauces and broths ourselves. We use fresh vegetables and spices of Asian origin, but also strive towards having the freshest locally sourced vegetables and ingredients to ensure our meals are always top-notch.


We invite our guests to immerse into the heart of Asia and experience authentic Thai food culture.


Whichever location, we guarantee only the highest quality and endless commitment to our mission – creating delicious moments.

We have developed CHUTY‘S franchise model – for the Street Food Concept. We are looking for partners in European markets.

Would you like to join the growing CHUTY‘S family, as CHUTY‘S franchise partner?

Why franchise with CHUTY’S



It‘s a Street Food concept – you do not need an expensive restaurant location (to rent/buy, furnish and run). We have developed a great value, trendy and functional gourmet kiosk. It is an eat in, take away and delivery business model. This further increases the attractiveness of CHUTY‘S Street Food Concept, because it provides multiple revenue streams.



Street Food is the new hot trend shaping foodie culture. Street Food as well as deliveries (on-line ordering) are growing fast, especially in the “new normality”. CHUTY’S franchise concept fits within all main European and international foodservice consumer trends: it‘s healthy, convenient, diverse, speedy and a great value for money.



CHUTY‘S franchise is a turn-key solution. No need to worry about how to set it up (the business as well as the gourmet kiosk) – we give you full support in opening up and on-going operations.

What you get with CHUTY’S

  1. You’ll be joining a proven and established brand. We’ve already proven that our brand promise is appealing and the product & service superb.
  2. As a franchisor we will assist you in the search for optimum property location as well as in the constructions process. We have good quality as well as tested solutions for take away, mall street food (food corner) and open market street food gourmet kiosk.
  3. We offer you training programs and ongoing support. You will be able to avoid most of the uncertainty that comes with starting your own business. You are joining a stable structure and well-established business operations. This will give you plenty of opportunities to succeed.

For detailed information on the franchise package, please fill in the request form for CHUTY’S Franchise Offer.

Investment into CHUTY’S franchise

How much does it cost to open a CHUTY’S franchise

Total investment into CHUTY’S franchise will be around 70,000 EUR (which includes franchise fee, all support activities to launch your business, with included estimated working capital for 2-3 months and all the equipment, with branded gourmet kiosk included). Franchisees of good standing should be able to borrow up to two thirds of this from a bank.

More detailed investment structure will be provided in Franchise Offer, and projections of revenue generation when we meet.

Franchisee profile

What qualities we are looking for in a franchisee:

Dynamic personality with a healthy view of life and passion for learning and food.

No need to have a formal food & beverage education and background – but gourmet passion is definitely a must.

Sharp business mind, ready and eager to face challenges, adaptability.

A good understanding and knowledge of the local business environment and market opportunities.


Are you passionate about cooking? Have you always dreamt of opening your own place and of turning your passion into a job? Street food may be just what you need.

Request a Franchise Offer file

Request a Franchise Offer file