5x Why is Chuty’s in Aleja Šiška a tasty practical decision
We prepare only selected, most popular Asian dishes.
An excellent location in the middle of the commercial and business centre.
Suitable for lunches during work or for a quick gourmet meal during shopping.
Short preparation time of delicious dishes. (10 – 15 minutes waiting time).
Fresh and homemade sauces (Asian and local).


We offer only a select few of the most popular Asian dishes. The menu is dominated by eternal classics such as pad thai, spring rolls, curry chicken, etc. Just as in all Chuty’s locations, the specialty is that we prepare all the sauces entirely ourselves using local ingredients.

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Do you know that you can enjoy our favorite Asian dishes at home or at work? Of course, we deliver them to you.
Delivery for us is done by Wolt.

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Visit us during working hours or during shopping at Aleja Šiška for a quick and delicious lunch or dinner.

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Students offer

Dear students, at Chuty’s Europark Maribor, we offer 21 different freshly prepared and delicious student lunches.
Each lunch includes a daily soup, main course, salad and fruit.

Student voucher supplement is € 4.30 / Subsidy is € 2.69

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  1. Pad thai with chicken – A, G, J, R1
  2. Pad See ew with chicken – G, J, S, M
  3. Khao pad with chicken – G, J
  4. Pad thai with vegetable – A, G, J, R1
  5. Pad See ew with vegetable – G, J, S, M
  6. Khao pad with vegetable – G, J
  7. Pad thai with mushrooms – A, G, J, R1
  8. Pad See ew with mushrooms – G, J, S, M
  9. Pad thai with seafood – A, G, J, R1, M
  10. Pad See ew with seafood – G, J, S, M
  11. Khao pad with seafood – G, J, M
  12. Tom yum with seafood – G, R1, R2, M
  13. Panaeng Curry with seafood – A, G, R1, R2, S, S5, M
  14. Panaeng curry with vegetable – A, G, R1, R2, S, S5
  15. Panaeng cury with chicken – A, G, R1, R2, S, S5
  16. Chicken with cashew nuts – G, O, S, M
  17. Seafood with cashew nuts– G, O, S, M
  18. Salad with chicken
  19. Salad with mushrooms
  20. Salad with pepper
  21. Salad mix

All student lunches include: